Slovak students in Finland (August-Oktober 2016)


“Rozumieš? :D” (30.9.2016)

With my host family we agreed, that I can take a Thai-box lessons in here. So I attended a course and had my first lesson. Everything went well. I came, they gave me an entrance card, I changed my clothes, warmed up…

After this I wanted to borrow protective pads, so I asked the trainer… several times … and he still wasn’t able to understand me …  I started to think, if my English accent was really so horrible. But I picked up the rest of my courage and repeated it again … still nothing.


And then, after a few seconds that seemed like centuries I finally released, that I was all the time speaking to him Slovak 😀     


Lost (20.8.2016)

To understand this story you should know, that I take every morning the bus number 18 or 18K to the school. Both of them stand by my school, but each one of them takes another way there. Since I’m here, the bus hadn’t use the same way. So this time when I didn’t know where the bus was going – I was OK with that. HUGE MISTAKE!!! When we finally came to the last bus station and all the people got out I asked the bus driver if I was in the right bus. I didn’t like his response at all.

He brought me to the main bus station where I took bus number 5K. Fortunately there was Zango, who is the bus driver from Iran. He finally took me to the school (thanks Zango). During our way to my school we had a little chat – we were talking approximately for 20 minutes basically about everything.


 When I finally went to school I was 35 minutes late. And alive.